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“ I don't divide architecture, landscape and gardening;
to me they are one. ”
 – Luis Barragan

Site and landscape design have become a major factor in the time it takes to lease or sell property in the market or create curb appeal for your home.  

SunHouse Design is able to support their clients in the provision of upscale design and the creation of site/home amenities.  We can design "hardscape" features including paving, seating, walls, fences, placement of lighting and design of signage.  Our planting plans can be done to buffer areas and enhance the site design.  Special accent to enhance curb appeal, lead focal point to front doors and screen unsightly views.


Additional features can be added, such as recreational spaces or plaza areas; water features can be incorporated into the site design.  Our site design support can include siting the building, meeting municipal site plan requirements and planning to incorporate existing vegetation into the design.


The aim in our site design is to increase property value and improve sales and leasability.  The cost for better landscape design is higher; the return is greater.


We have recently provided services for a variety of projects in which landscape design has played an important role.  These functions have included open space, buffers and conservation areas, analysis for potential development based upon existing topography and vegetative types.

SunHouse Design's landscape architecture team understands your challenges. One that’s every bit as passionate as you are about your project. One that considers how to creatively balance site opportunities and constraints, permitting challenges, budgeting, and your unique project needs to create a compelling final design.



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